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Electric Antenna for 240z radio


Any suggestions for new radio antenna?  

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  1. 1. Any suggestions for new radio antenna?

    • Motorsport Auto part
    • Other?

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I am in the last stages of restoration on 1970 240z. Need to get a new electric antenna. For the time being will use original AM radio. Any suggestions on which model or make to use? Anyone had any experience with the unit sold by Motorsport Auto?

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If i were you I would avoid a stock or near stock antenna for a 240z. The problem is that you must manually push an "up" button to raise the antenna and a "down" to lower it. I would go for an automatic antenna from a car parts shop like Autozone or something, because, believe me, having to press a button to raise your antenna as a real pain.

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to install a fully automatic antenna you need a switched 12 volt constant output from the radio in the car. the factory 240z radio does not have this output. Therefore, the "switched" factory antenna is your best option. If you go to an aftermarket radio there will be an output for antenna (usually a blue wire) that will trigger a relay on a fully automatic antenna, but remember that you will have to do some additional modification to the wiring harness for a fully automatic antenna.

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If you have a newer radio with a blue wire coming out, all you need to do is connect the blue wire from the new anntena (not the original style) to the blue wire from teh radio, and run power to the antenna.

The anntena needs to be connected into a circuit that receives power when the ignition is off, and also needs to be grounded. There will be two wires running the length of the car - the blue wire, as well as the input power (red). The black wire goes to ground (anywhere in the rear of the car will do).

I bought the MSA non-factory anntena and have had good luck with it. It works great with my radio. The installation instructions were a bit difficult however (i.e. there are about 20 adapters and you're not sure which ones to use with the car. I made it work in the end without the aid of the instructions.

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