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1974 KHGC110 240K - my new project!

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Just a small update..

Restored the grille, new paint etc..



grille fitted...



some minor rust works,




...some extra parts that i came across..

This is a 4dr rear section, I actually like the look of these lights better (Not sure if 4dr panel will fit coupe??)

But was planning to do a JDM tail light mod (change reverse light for second stop/tail, then make the small brake light into a reverse light..)



Spoilers from Kent (CHAMP!!)


Just got to work out how to fit the front lip spoiler?????

No holes in it, edge seems to thin to screw on? not sure on that one yet.



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My front lip is the same no idea how im gong to mount it, probably just leave it for the body shop to worry about LOL.

Your cleaned up grill looks good, i was going to do the same with the crome but have just gone all black as the stocker will just be a spare for me, will post pics when i get it back.

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..... was planning to do a JDM tail light mod (change reverse light for second stop/tail, then make the small brake light into a reverse light..)


This is what I'm doing about JDM style of lights..





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Guest Flauski

4 door tail light panel will definately not fit your coupe, I know first hand as had both at once. The lights are exactly the same, the outer ring on the coupe lights (which make it look bigger) unscrews with 4 x phillips heads holding it on.

Also on JDM lights both outer ring lenses are flat (like the clear portion on OZ ones.)


BTW what colour did you use for the grille? Is that a flat gun metal/silver? who makes it?

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The paint is flat black.

Its called Metal Amour by TREMCO

Love this stuff!

You can put it on real thick, goes off nice and hard, no primer needed!!

Also unlike others I have used, it sprays evenly right untill the can runs dry.

Thanks for the lights heads up mate :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

So a quick update for y'all...

Was starting to look a little sad...


..So we gave her a blow over in Classic White :)




And gave her a new set of boots too! I was worried about the charchol centres on these rims, but actually really like the look!



Thanks, Adam.

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Hi Adam,

the only front spoiler that i have seen actually mounted to the car used 2 (or three, can't quite remember) brackets that attached to the spoiler and to the front of the car. they were almost L's but shaped to suit. They had also glued the top of it to the body using some type of mastic/silicon..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not much to tell I'm affraid.

mix in a career change, a long term illnes, and some family striff into the 240k mix = not much done!

Basicaly I put it up on stands, painted all the suspension and inner guards black, sanded and polished most of the stainless trims, now I have the LH inner 1/4 panel trim off to try and replace the LHR window that was missing.

No pics for the next few weeks untill I can move some crap to get back to the coupe :(

Sorry, I really need some peeps riding my arse to get this done, if left to my own devices it took take a while! LOL!


I may have some pics of the trim somewhere..

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O.K so a minor update..

here she is in her new home..


Blacked under all guards, and hit the calipers with gold caliper paint...not too wanky is it?? LOL


Here are the screen trims I restored. They were really beat, scratched and the RH side had caught the door on the lower part and had bent it.



After panel beating (sorry no before pic :( ) then a 1200 sand, a polish, and mask & respray the black, they came out o.k.

Hope to do more to her soon, now my schedule has cleared a bit.


P.S I need some of the little metal clips that hold the rear screen trims in place, most broke when removing them (rusty) I tried Rare Spares and a datsun wrecker but no good. any help appreciated :)

Also I snagged some extra rims this week!!

These are 13 x 7 & 13 x 8, but sadly they are 100 x 4


These are 13 x 7.5 & 13 x 6 and are 4 x 114.3, so will keep these for a different look..



Cheers :)

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can you come do my grille like that! that looks great! did u mask all the chrome then spray it?

Pretty long process.

First removed rust and polished chrome edges, then lightly sanded grille areas to be painted.

Then taped up all chrome edges (TOOK AGES!) and carefully trimed off excess with a scalple. then hit with some TREMCO and after a few coats looked like the above :)

I used blue painters masking tape as it is more pliable and leaves no residue when you remove it..it was on there for about 2 weeks.

SOOOOO Fly me to S.A and I will do yours :)

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  • 10 months later...

Appologies for not being on here much, no real updates with the coupe.

I am almost finished renovating my house, have done kitchen bathroom, all new windows, dorrs, paint etc. Just got an ensuite to go, then back on the coupe.

I turn 40 next year and was going to go to Le Mans for my birthday, but have decided to take 3 weeks off work and get the 240K finished and on the road (historic rego at this stage)

Great to see some new projects going along here on the site :)


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