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Correct Decal Positioning

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Ok, so I have my 78 that is finally getting to the last tidbits of restoration and it just dawned on me that I did not take care in documenting the positions of all of the various factory decals when I tore the car down. The FSM only shows vague pictures but without measurements. I searched the forums and found some great shots of the 240 Radiator and Color Code -but that is about it.

So my fellow Zed-Heads, I am asking for your assistance. Can you please post pictures of the locations the various factory decals on your Z's AND be sure to include a tape measure to a nearby panel or structure so that I can get the orientation correct!

I know that this might seem a bit nit-picky, but I have a lot of effort in my Z and really want to get the decals applied correctly.

Although I am particularly interested in the 78 model, I believe that feedback from this posting could provide a great deal of value to others in the future.

By The Way.... I purchased my decal set from Mike at Banzai Motorworks (http://www.zzxdatsun.com), give them a visit -you will not be disappointed with their products.

Thanks to everyone in advance! I really appreciate your time and effort! ;)

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These are from a '77. The car has been repainted by a PO. I can't validate if the decal replacement is accurate and some of the labels maybe repro's.

These photos are only of decals, not any of the metal/riveted plats and they are the only ones I can find in the engine bay and glove compartment.

I hope this helps. I think it is a great idea to document and develope an archive of placements to assist others in their resto efforts.

Again, I'm not suggesting that my photos are proving authentic placement, just showing you what I have...











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Wow, this is great! Thank you very much. I hope others chime in too.:classic:

This is the making of a great Archive.

Here are some other relative links within the forum:


by Travel'n Man


by motorman7

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The VAST majority of the OK decals were scraped off by the guys in the wash rack before the Z was delivered to the happy new owner. Therefore just about every time I sell one of my reproductions my customer asks me where, exactly, it should go on the right quarter window. Before I give my recommendation I stress that the guys on the assembly line weren't to exact about location.

Over the more than 40 years Banzai has been in business  I've been very lucky to have a large # of original owner cars go through my shop. A couple of days ago another landed in my shop. It's a blue on blue mid 71 build correct down to the hubcaps. It does have dealer installed a/c. This picture of the factory installed OK decal is an example of what I'm talking about regarding placement!

I've also included a picture of our latest offering, 240 tire info decal. Unlike the decal offered by our would be competitor in B.C, ours has the correct font.



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