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Fuel pump has no power


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I have a '73 240Z project that is nearing completion (thanks largely to all the parts and advice from you all). Here is my specs so you may be able to diagnose thae problem a little easier. I have put an '81 L28 with the 5-speed in, '70 model SU carbs and intake. The car previously had a L24 and 4-speed with dual Webers when I got it. I ran poorly so I decided a new mill was in order. It previously had a mechanical fuel pump in the engine compartment and the original electric pump back by the tank. I got rid of the mechanical pump when the swap was made, and upgraded to a different electric pump (Was advised to get a Purolator 2-4psi, 30gph pump from Pep Boys, so I did). I have everything hooked up, but have no power to my pump. I checked my fuses, fine. Checked the pump via external power, fine. I checked the wires going back to the aux electric pump, which I suppose is now my primary pump, no juice. I did a continuity check, no power. I did a check on amost every wire I could trace. Nothing.

I thought about just running another wire back to the pump for some power, and I am sure I could get myself running this way. But the nice people at Nissan probably engineered the car in a certain way with alot of releys so the car wouldn't explode or something in the rare case of fire or accident. Any ideas? I checked the wiring guide in the Haynes and Chiltons manual and I believe I have covered my bases. Please help!!


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