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No affiliation - ebay listing for probable Black Pearl


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I saw this listing on ebay listed a couple hours ago for a 78 black 280Z with pretty heavy Black Pearl evidence. Story is it was found in a house the seller was demolishing and has sat for 21 years as evidenced by inspection stickers and license tabs. If you're interested in a Black Pearl...


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It doesn't run great as the throttle body will need to be cleaned and adjusted and no doubt the injectors are probably gummed up. Will need to run thru a fresh tank of gas
He would have done that if that's all it took to make it a running vehicle.
This car has been sitting for 21 yrs..
After about 1-2 inactive years the tank is toast and would need to be dropped and cleaned as well as the rest of the fuel system. This falls under the heading of 'ask me how I know'.....
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I was thinking more along the lines of an abandoned vehicle and being able to make a claim on it. I would imagine you would have to prove that it is truly abandoned and that the previous owner no longer wants it. Maybe contacting the last known holder of the title.


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The procedure varies by state I am sure, but in Indiana there is a set procedure. I know people who have gone through the process. You have to do a title search to determine the last registered owner, and then track them down and send them a registered letter stating that you intend to apply for a title to the car. You either have to get their permission, or show proof that they reasonably should know but will not respond.

There are even companies that will do the leg work for you. I suspect that if he is waiting on a "duplicate" title he isn't very far along in the process.

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