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polly urethane tension rod bushings


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Do the polly urethane bushings from energy suspension replace the aluminum socket and ball that were on the car originally? If not how the hell does it all go together? It seems that the polly bushings have to replace the aluminum socket and ball because i dont see how it would fit otherwise. any input is appreciated. thanks.

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The Aluminum cup and Nylon ball you have are an aftermarket Kit called a "T/C Kit" Torsion/Compression kits allow a more positive feel, solid firm feel under heavy braking.

There should be a rubber or urethane bushing on the back side of the frame mount, followed by a large washer, small washer and a lock nut. The kit allows up and down movement but keeps the lower control arm from rearward movement.

The Stock Rod would have a large washer-rubber bushing-inner metal sleeve / frame mount then rubber bushing-large washer-lock nut. In that order.

T/C kit is performance. Urethane will stiffin it. If you want Urethan there and no T/C kit, then use the urethan on the wheel side and rubber on the back side. Using double urethane has been known to be too tight and can snap your Rod under pressure of cornering etc.


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thanks Dave. I have it installed double urethane right now. I guess i need to get 2 new rubbers to replace the wheel side urethane bushing. really appreciate the help. This car was my father in laws and was strippped down when i got it(basket case). I"ve replaced floor pans and all other typical rust problems. I"m starting to put stuff back together now that i didnt take apart. By the way your car is bad arse.

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