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Roger Wayland's birthday Cruise


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North West Z is having a cruise this coming Saturday the 15th it's Armed Forces Day and we are going to the Coast, via some great back roads , fun with a Z. We are gathering in North Planes Oregon right off of Hwy 26 and the North Planes/Glenco exit at 9:00. Our destination for lunch is a great Pub on the Columbia River out on a the Pier. Driving time will be about 4 hrs plus what ever time it takes for pictures and comfort stops. We will end up on Old Cornelius Rd at a great pub that we can gather out on the Patio , weather permitting. Make it if you can.


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You know me and Leah would love to be there but not enough pre-warning. I'll call Roger tomorrow and wish him a happy Bday from the both of us. Just spoke with John Barth, he's looking for SU rebuild stuff, so I sent him towards Bruce.

Hope you guys have a blast and the weather holds up for ya'll.

Dave and Leah.

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zcline, Yes we are meeting at Exit 57 I believe. It is the Glenco/North Planes Exit. We are gathering at the Mac Donald's that is right there. A couple of gas stations there as well. The weather forecast is sunny and 74* See you in the morning.


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I will call Roger tomorrow night. I am working Saturday and after todays meeting with our owner probably alot more thru the summer. Like they say,"don't worry about the mule just load the wagon".:classic: I guess if I did not work I would'nt know what to do.:D

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The wife and I are going to tag along on this ride as well. I test drove the Z to work for the last two days and all seems to be fine in the run-ability dept., so time for a higher milage test drive.

What better chance to meet a few fellow Z lovers and enjoy a beautiful day.

See you in North Plains.


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What a fun day, great weather and a fun drive through scenic countryside.

Stopped at LL Stub Stewart State park for a look and a break at the day use area.

Went on and stopped to view the Elk Reserve for a bit. Nice heard there.

Went on to Astoria's Rogue Pub, with a full-on chili cook off going on. and had a nice lunch.

I decided to break off and head back North for home and decided to take additional back-roads the rest of the 80 miles home.

I hit the 55555 mile threshold 5 miles north of Longview, I thought about it after I was home and looked at the picture and said to my wife "I should have been going 55 MPH when I took this." It only happens once and you can't go back and do it again. Se la vie :classic:

Then about 3 miles from home we make the turn and there is this eagle in the road and he flies into the trees. I had to flag two cars around me to get the shots. A great ending to a killer day.

The car ran quite well and handled great even on the Pot hole international raceway we encountered on the way. I think I swallowed a filling on that one.ROFL

Nice to meet some fellow Z ers, A fine day for sure.








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