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Well, I think so, especially on a 280Z. That size is the same diameter as the original 13" rubber on cars like 510's and 1st gen Rabbits. Will throw off your speedo noticeably, and gear down the car too.

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Just go with a 215 or 225/50R16.

Fills the well, better sidewall for a smoother ride, wider foot print for better grip.

I have Eibachs and KYB's (soon to be Tokico HP's) 225/50ZR16's And there's no rubbing, great grip, smooth ride and they fill the well without any issues.


Pics below show how they look, plenty of clearance without looking too small.




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The OEM tire, 175/78-14 has a total height of ~ 24.75 inches.

What you have asked about has a total height of ~ 23.25 inches.

The 175's have a sidewall height of 5.37", wile the 205's have a sidewall height of 3.63" - and they're much stiffer. The car ill ride like a skateboard.

215/50-16's will fit well and have an overall height of ~ 24.50 inches.

For what it's worth, I'm running 225/50-15 (just under 24 inches). The ride is stiff and the steering is heavy at parking lot speeds, but they do look good.

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Here's one of many tire size calculators on the net that will help you determine the diameter difference (and resulting speedometer error) of various tire/wheel combos:


Oops, tried to post URL of results page instead of original page:


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