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help with window parts


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Help! I finally have the body shop guy working on my car and he has asked for some parts that I can't find. I haven't been able to find anyone that still sells the parts. The parts are from the inner workings. It has to do with the door mechanism. There is a pivot point between the inner door handle and the door latch. There is a bolt, a nut, a washer and a bushing type thing that holds the pivot point. I have attached a picture. It is the best I can do right now but I need all the parts associated with the parts labelled 4. I know the bolt is a 6mm bolt. I am pretty sure I can find a replacement for the bolt, the nut and the washer. The part that I don't know what to do about is the plastic bushing/flange that is part of the mechanism. Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks. Oh, ideally I need to get him the part by Friday as that is when I happen to be going to Kentucky where the car is.



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I might have something for you. I've got 3-4 NOS door mechanisms but they're boxed up at the moment, so I'll have to hunt for them and get back to you.

Meanwhile, you might see if you can change your thread title as it's a little misleading. I don't mean in a devious way, but rather that it could lessen your chances of finding door mech parts when you're asking for window parts. :beer:

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