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Hi everyone,

Well, the body shop guy told me he wanted to have my car done by next friday. Obviously, I am not holding my breath as he has told me this before! But, on the off chance that he may actually follow through with this, I need to find a way to get the car from Lexington KY to Indianapolis IN. Its only about a 3 hour drive but I would rather not rent a uhaul truck and trailer. Does anyone have any recommendations for hauling companies? I would like an enclosed trailer for the obvious reason as the car has a new paint job and don't want rock chips or bugs all over it. Thanks.


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Carl, That's a tough one. I know there is a guy up here that rents his trailers on craigslist or you can pay him to haul for you.

You might get lucky that way. Be sure to search both sides of the trip (Lex and Indy)

Good luck.


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