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Broken glove box hinge


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I know this was brought up recently and I even commented on this problem but last night it happened to me! I am preparing my dash to go to Dashboard Restorations and in the process snapped the hinge on the glove box door. I have ordered a plastic piano hinge that can be cut down to size and hopefully I can modify it to fit. I am not sure if I will try to use something like epoxy or try to use screws to hold it in place. My concern with the epoxy would be that it would become brittle or not hold up over time. Will let you know when I figure something out.


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I vote for a natural, sustainable, eco-friendly material like leather for your hinge material (if you discount the part about dead cows). Get some that is thick enough and slit it half through the thickness to make it bend in a specific line (slit down, never see it).

Rivet the leather strip to the door, and punch holes to match the three screw positions that mount it to the dash opening. Guaranteed 2 million bend cycles and a nice expensive aroma of leather when you open the door.

Select the leather to match your seat material, or explain to your significant other that you now need leather seats to match (not that you'de ever do that to #333).

I might have a glove box door hinge I could part with if you decide the dead cow thing was too much.


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You could check with a place like ZBarn and see if they have a good used inner glove box door they could sell you.

As I was taking my glove box out the other day I was just thinking how fragile that little hinge looked. Sorry to hear it broke for you :/

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