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Are Sport mirrors from old Mustang II?


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I have seen many cars with "SPORT MIRRORS" that have little sharper shape than original mirrors on 280Z cars.

Here I have few pictures from listing on Ebay. Parts # is accessary #, and they look just like Mustang II manual mirrors in late 70's. If so, did Nissan use mirrors from Ford Mustang?





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If you've got the plastic mirrors that adjust by moving the housing, then you don't have the ones that esprist is referring to. Just the cheap aftermarket/dealer installed ones that were put on so many 280Zs (and other cars) 'back in the day'. My car had them. Furthemore, I doubt that would be any connection between the 'real' Datsun sport mirrors and ones used on the Mustang II. The designs are'nt really that close especially when you consider the cable adjustment on the Ford mirror.

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