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260z upgrades ?


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hey guys, im restoring my 74 260z but i want to do some small upgrades on it

here is my project:


as you see, i bought s12 calipers, bushing kit, header, catback and springs, but im out of ideas.

so the question is:

what other small upgrades can i do?

forget about webbers cause i dont have that kind of money

thanks :beer:

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Bigger sway bars, better struts, more aggressive cam, multi-spark ignition, 280zx dizzy, 280zx alternator, Zs-ondabrains parking and headlight harnesses.

Idk just some ideas.

what is the 280zx dizzy and Zs-ondabrains ?

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Rockauto.com has been veddy, veddy good to me for my 2 1996 Dodge truck suspension parts. They offer multiple brands and prices. Fast and reasonable shipping. Be sure to check the shipping locations on a group parts order. If they come from multiple locations, it will increase the shipping costs dramatically. Sometimes another brand will be in a different location that matches your other parts.

I have read that some folks here have had some issues with some parts. Notably suspension - ball joints and the like.

I have found that MSA will sell the same parts for mo' money. Pays to do some research like you are doing. Check your local parts stores also for the stuff that I see that you listed. Engine and tranny mounts might be a MSA or dealer part - I dunno.

Black dragon also has some stuff that others might not. They have brand new early 260Z front bumpers for $149+shipping. ;)

I gotta ask, Why the oil pump? If you have to change it, I believe that I read that there is a better alternative - 280zx turbo??? Do a search here or more likely over at hybridz for this upgrade.

Welcome to the red-headed stepchild 260Z club!

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Rims/tires, stainless steel brake lines to go with your new s12 calipers. Maybe a brake booster from a 280zx as well. Interior, if you dont mind a little extra weight, Dynamat or its equivalent. Carpet kit, new seat foam, and upholstery. LED lights for the guages and dome light, Dave's 3rd brake light.

Oh and while you are at it, the R/T style mount for the diff if you are tearing out the rear to do bushings.

I have done all this (or at least bought it) and more.

The one thing left on my wish list is a 5 spd. swap (another idea for you)

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