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Anyone Know where to find..


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A cheap or reasonably priced tailight surrounding plastic panel or whatever the correct name is , a tire shop slammed the spare down on the hatch and cracked it . would be much appreciated . and also when decompressing the bumper shocks on a 280z can you push the bumper all the way into the shocks or is there a certain depth to have the bumpers welded in at?

thanks in advance :)

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Did the shop accept wrongdoing? If so, I wouldn't be worried about the price, and just find one that matches the other in finish and overall condition; give the shop the bill...

Failing that, have you photos of the damage? It may be repairable...

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i'll post photos tomorrow , and they didnt accept it , i didnt even ask em too , it took me too many days to notice . i thought the dude was just being plain rough i didnt expect him to have actually broken something , who slams $^!# down on a 34 year old car lmao i mean come on now..

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Sorry about being so slow, plenty of stuff going on but heres the picture i promised

I would remove the TailLight and remove the little screws to separate it from the Finisher. Buy some JB Weld and carefully repair and fill the broken spots. Make sure that you remove any excess JB Weld with a razorblade after it begins to harden. Sand and refinish.

Another member 'DatsunZGuy' posted his solution to match the OEM colors in this post:


He identified the following paints:

Dupli-Color High Performance Wheel Coating – HWP102

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Paint – 1902 Matte Clear

I have tried this and I swear it is spot on (if not perfect!!)

I would paint the both Rear Finishers and the License Plate mount/Lamp -it will make a fantastic improvement to your Z for a little time and < $20 !!

If you still want an unbroken Finisher, I have a few for a 77-78.


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