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Leaking fuel level sender seal


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So I filled the tank full for the first time after discovering the level sender has a problem when the car ran outta fuel while still reading nearly full. Previous owner had the tank hot tanked n new lines fitted including the filler neck, but the sender seal is original. It leaks badly, it's a steady stream of fuel that I traced with a flashlight to that seal.

It looks like I can replace this seal with the tank still in the car if I pull the right rear wheel - is this a fair assessment, or should I gear up for dropping the tank? Also, is this seal still available, or should I plan on making a gasket?

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Thanks!! I ordered a pair of gaskets through Mossy Nissan, should have them mid-week. Ordered a battery hold-down, too, since the car is currently using a come-along strap.

Is the car safe to drive if I keep maybe a quarter tank in it so that the fuel doesn't reach that leak? Dealership advised me of the worst-case scenario where a bad backfire could ignite fuel vapors around the tank :paranoid:

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Agreed, I didn't really need to ask the question to know the safe answer. I'll be tinkering on and off with other parts of the car throughout the weekend, so the garage will stay well ventilated.

Fuel leaks are never safe. Keep the car outside and not driven if you can until this is resolved.


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An update, I got the new seal installed, it was as easy as previously mentioned. I used a hammer and a drum stick to R & R the securing ring. The old seal was likely the factory part, I don't think it could even be called rubber anymore. It took longer to get the car on jack stands than it did to replace the seal. If only all repairs were that straight forward.

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