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Tire brands for 205/60R14 options


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Hi everyone,

So the final step to getting the z road-safe is to put fresh rubber on her. I'm using the slotted 14" alloys. I've decided on a 205/60R14 after reading some posts here and doing some research of my own. I don't need super sticky tires, a tire that's good for spirited twisty road driving and perhaps an autocross meet or two will suit my needs. I'm going to be in the learning-the-car phase for quite a while, so I won't need tires that allow the car's limits to be pushed yet. Hopefully that makes sense.

Evans Tire has taken care of my pickup's tire needs in the past, so it would be nice to work with them again, but the only tire they offer is the Capitol Negotiator. Good news is, I can get all four installed out the door for $295. Does anyone have feedback on these tires? The rating of this tire is a 300 tread wear with traction and temperature ratings of A.

I'm also looking at the Sumitomo HTR 200 in the same size, it seems to be a very economical tire with great tread and temp ratings. Anyone have feedback on these? I can get these from Discount Tire and can probably have them match Tire Rack's pricing.

Are there other good economical tires to look at in the $300 proximity? I haven't looked into what a set of Falken Azenis would cost, I autocrossed on those with my CRX and aboslutely loved them but I don't remember what they cost. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

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I had Sumitomo 215/60/14s on my 14x5.5s and they were a very good tire for the money. I have 215/60/14 Yokohamas too, and they have been excellent also. I'd go with either one. BTW, 215s are harder to find, unless you go with BFGs. So, looks like you're best bet is the 205s.


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I purchased a set of Yokohama Avs es100 from tire rack and loved them they are fantastic but are an 'ultra high performance' tyre and can be slippery in the wet even with a L24. These cost a little more than your numbers, but the grip is great through twistiy roads. I have not autocrossed her as you plan to do.

I liked tire rack cause they have a huge selection and can send the tyres directly to the mounting place. The mounting place will probably only charge a little per tyre to mount and balance.

My 2 cents

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Discount Tire agreed to match the price and shipping from Tire Rack =) I'm still doing some research, but I'm leaning toward the Sumitomo's. Haven't found a lot on the Capitol Negotiators except "it's a good tire for the money" and although I don't need top performance I do want enough performance to have fun.

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Ok this is a no brainer from my point of view. Kumho from Discount Tire. Want a good deal see the Manager Mike at the Palm Ave Store he always hooks me up. Th Kumhos are great tires for the money. If you like Yokos he could hook you with them too. They will beat all advertised prices.

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