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ZCON 2010 July 28th-Aug 1st Nashville,TN


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Great pictures Gus !!!! Will try to make it to Savannah !!!!!

You better start making plans John, South Florida has to represent

Lonnie it was great meeting you and your Z, and fun touring Nashville even if it was a lot of country music LOL

And huge thanks to Carl and Jim for making Matsuo a reality at the convention it was awesome getting to meet him and hear his anecdotes of when he was designing the 240Z

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Hi Gus:

First I have to say what started out as Jim and I - turned into a larger group of contributors and volunteers pretty quickly. Dan Banks, Chris Karl, Jeff Madder, Kelly Warczyglowa were all very generous. It really would not have gone as smoothly without the aid/assistance of Eiji Hosomi, Yoichi Matsumoto, and Shin Yoshikawa.

If anyone missed meeting Mr. Matsuo - you really missed a treat. Great spirit and great sense of humor. He had many of us laughing for hours and he stayed with us until well after midnight every night. Like most designers I've met, he draws really great pictures of everything under discussion, usually on whatever bar napkins were present !

I thought his remarks at the Closing Banquet were especially interesting and entertaining. Certainly no stage fright there and he seemed very comfortable in front of such a large crowd. Of course if you have Eiji Hosomi standing guard next to you - you have to feel pretty secure ;-)

One person remarked that he was like the Energizer Bunny - he just kept going and going. At 75 he has the energy of someone 40. As we were walking around downtown Nashville for several hours before our Dinner at the Wild Horse Saloon Thursday night - in 100 degree F heat I was wore out... After a couple hours and several miles or wondering around sight seeing and shopping; we came to the Bridgestone Arena at the base of a rather long uphill stretch - at the top was the old Union Station. One of his friends in Japan told him it was worth seeing... I told Jim I'd never make it up there alive... So Jim and Mr. Matsuo shuffled right on up there alone... I went to the closest bar for some thirst quenchers... and A/C.

I believe that Mr. Matsuo a wonderful time, and was very impressed by the obvious respect and affection shown to him by everyone at the Convention. He looked closely at every first generation Z there - and especially enjoyed meeting the owners at their Z's. He was more than willing to autograph glove box lids, sun-visors and indeed the cars themselves.

Thanks to everyone for making his visit such a pleasant experience.

Carl B.

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I have been to a number of Z car conventions in the last 15 years, I have to say the the staff with the help of Nissan USA did a wonderful, thankless job.

There are so many staff members that really made a difference, all of them keyed on the idea to make this an inviting and fun environment for all. I feel that they succeeded.

I know that with any fluid situation there are always things that could or should have been done differently, however, the over all flow of events and planning was well done and a lot of credit needs to go to those who tirelessly planned executed and managed this event.

I would like to thank Nissan USA for their involvement, without which we would not have been able to attend.

I also want to thank the convention staff, Chris W, Chris K, Dan and Todd and many others.

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It was an awesome convention, and an awesome first convention for me. I enjoyed meeting some of the folks I've known here for years. I probably passed some of you not knowing who you were, sorry. I think I accomplished everything I had hoped to this past week. It was great finally meeting you guys, Ron and Carl. We should have had out handles on our badges. Maybe next time.

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...to meet all of you guys. I was trying to juggle family events and Z events and something had to give. It was nice to put names and faces together and especially fun exchanging war stories with Carl.

This was the first show I have ever entered in with a car and I am glad to have made this one. Though the heat sucked some of the fun out of this, the show must go on I guess. Now the car is done(never done really), I can't wait to make some more shows. I might get a little more serious about the A/C going in my car, but you know, I really enjoyed the old sports car feel with the arm out the window at 80mph, maybe I won't even use the a/c when I get it in;)

Got to say thanks to the staff that put this show on in the blistering heat.

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Zcon 2010 was off the hook!

The team behind the scenes was hopping to keep everything seamless and did a terrific job, They handled every hickup(free margaritas at happy hour!) with precision and paved the way for convention attendees to get maximum enjoyment!

A serious thunderstorm in the wee hours before the car show didn't even cause a delay even though Nissan instructed no cars on the field until after 7am!

With out getting into details, these ZCCA guys, Chris Karl, Chris Wenzell, Todd Wagoner, and Bob Bosse have brought the ZCCA back from the brink and pushed it well into the 21st century , in addition to putting on the largest ZCCA convention ever held...from their homes in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and TX/SC!

I can't begin to imagine the effort they put in to making a great convention from hundreds of miles away...but, I am pretty confident they met at Hooters in Nashville to iron out details!

Chris picked a hell of a band for the show, not only were they HOTTER than hooters girls, they put on a hell of a concert! I swear that "RedNeck Woman" was written for The Dirty Curties and not for Gretchen Wilson!

I saw all of the usual suspects at the convention, added a few more, and because of Mr Carl Beck, got a picture of Me and Mr. Matsuo in front of the Nissan Manufacturing plant in Smyrna TN! Thanks again Carl, You really know how to get to a Z guy!

I also figured out what so many have tried to do when it comes to Ron Carter....

To Beat him in a race, you have to pull the car he is driving with a tow vehicle!

Notice I said figured it out...we pushed his car out, so he still beat all of us!

I did get to tow Less out in the BSR 33 cars...I really need to write Collin a thank you for putting me in that position...

Ron graciously saved all of our eardrums in the Nissan Garage by waiting until his BRE racer was outside the garage to start it!

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During the car show Mr. Matsuo told me a story about the final shakedown of the latest front end aero work with him driving 500 kms at 200kph late one night to see if this version would keep the nose down at speed.

I asked him if there were any pictures of the earlier front end aero styling and he said he would email me them once he got back home.

He then went on to say the A, the B, and C noses, etc. didn't work as well as the G nose.

So Alan, please jump in and help me as I have never heard this portion of the story behind what we call the g-nose. His comments to me were quite clear as to what they called the earlier versions.

As to keeping the front end down, I took my 240 out on the track at the Nashville Super Speedway and got it up over 130. The front end was planted and stable with steering inputs that felt similar to those at speeds under 70mph. I'd say it worked....

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Absolutely awesome time at ZCON...big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers (particularly the very patient judges who walked some of us car show neophytes through the process and scoring) as well as the great Nissan personnel who kept us hydrated and cool.

The hotel was very good (the pool although very cold, was very welcome...) and the off-site events all worthwhile.

Having a little more flexibility on capacities for the organized dinners might have been welcome, but if that is the worst criticism I can come up with, I don't have much to criticize at all...job well done.

Agree on the name tags...a number of people had "aka" to their names, but not enough (myself included). That responsibility sits with the participants, not the organizers. At least Bonzi Lon had his vanity plate which made his easier...learning for next time...

Rides were long but not bad with the T-roofs out...11.5 hrs seat time / 14 hrs clock time (outlet shopping for the missus...) on the way home.

Looking forward to next year in Savannah...time to start working on the cars now...

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Just got home. I think I was last man out of Nashville. What a wild week! Huge crowd, lot of work for everyone. Thanks to everyone for making a rock'n great convention.

Your turn, Will. See you in Savannah

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According to Chris, I have only one responsibility...get our Local hooters girls into his roo-uh-the convention hotel...he said he'd take over with them from there...Jim said he would make sure Chris knew what to do-and show him, repeatedly if necessary-what a great wing man!

Aw man, I almost forgot, I am supposed to stock his room with some local Floridian rum too.

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So when is the OFFICIAL Zcon 2011 announcement going to be made?

There have been a few ... hints, inuendos, etc. but.... nothing that says, definitively, positively, absolutely..... Will? {nudge, nudge}...

It has been mentioned elsewhere, but I'll keep quiet for now...


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OK, As soon as I finalize the arrangements, the dates will be announced.

as stated above the tentative dates are:

July 20-24 or July 27-31

William Stokes

Event Chairman

2011 ZCCA international Convention: Savannah, Ga.

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Yea Will, what are the dates?

And for the record, I didn't have anything to do with the Hooter's girls. That was someone else from our team. How about the Falken Tire girls! Woo hoo!

Stats coming out this morning about the convention. 722 registered guests. Approx. 400 cars at the show and over 1,000 people. 523 dinners served at the awards banquet. 8 automotive press releases including USA Today and a video from AutoWeek.

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2010 Stats coming out this morning about the convention.

722 registered guests. Approx.

400 cars at the show and

over 1,000 people.

523 dinners served at the awards banquet.

8 automotive press releases including USA Today and a video from AutoWeek.

Those ZCCA guys Rock! Chris, Chris, Todd, and Bob!:beer:

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Hey guys,

ZCON was a blast!! The convention crew put on an amazing show and the best I have ever attended! The final tally was 722 participants...that's HUGE!

Congrats on a job well done!!!

A "special" thanks to all my z friends who kept me up late in the wee hours of the morning and reminding me life is short....or shortened if I was with you all year long and not just one week.LOL I look forward to next year!!

I caught up with old z friends and met many new ones. It was great seeing AZ2NV, Nissanmaster (thanks for the ride on the back roads near the track), Mike B, 26th-Z, bpilati, zpizzaman20, Jim Frederick, Gnosez (I really want a ride in your car at the track....pleaseeeee!). It was fun chattin' it up with Nazgul280, RAZ1, Rick Morgan and Les Cannady.

A "HUGE" thank you goes to "Charlie" who quietly snuck up on me in the parking lot early on in the convention as I checked on my car at 11:30pm. I have to be careful when a "fellow" Zer says "Hey zlady, wanna go for a ride?" but when those keys were dangling from your hand how could I say "No". My next question before I put the car in gear was whether it was street legal or not? Ahhhh.....street legal...now we're talking.:D

So out of the lot we go in the Tom Cruise/Paul Newman Z31 race car. Charlie thank you for letting me drive as fast as I wanted to and as many laps as I needed around on the streets. I wonder how many women have driven it. Good thing the police weren't around. Loved the power after the "lag"!!! :love:

My gallery is officially up and ready for you to see. Many classic Z members are in the photos.


Enjoy and I hope to see you all again next year!!

PS. More rides on the track would be appreciated!!!:love:

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