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Got My Passenger Side Door Lock Working!


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Took a while to figure-out, but it was really simple...

What was interesting was that when the door panel was off, the lock worked, but with the panel on, it didn't.

I finally realized that with the chrome bezel in-place, it held the interior door handle out a bit. This put just a bit of tension on the latch linkage, preventing the lock from engaging.

Turns out that when I re-assembled the door and installed the lock and handle mechanisms, I put the inside door latch too far forward. Moving it back about 3/16" inch resolved the problem. Not only that, the inside door handle is positioned a little better than before!

One less item on the Datsun "to-do" list.

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There ya go Julio. Sometimes taking stuff apart, then reassembling it cures the problem. The horn on my Z has never worked since I got it 3 years ago. I had to replace the light switch. When I reassembled everything, I noticed the turn signal - to - headlight bracket was not pulled up correctly. Moved it, tightened it, and the horn started to work.

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