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Marty Rogan

Pay it forward!!!

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Assemble, assembled, assembly.

I see now - arse'y

Arsemble, arsembled, arsembly.  Or is it arseembled and arseembly?

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On 1/26/2019 at 4:01 PM, wal280z said:

OK guys and gals...... next up on the Pay It Forward thread....

In case anyone has forgot what Marty posted way back in 2009, nearly a decade ago (and yes, the thread carries on, Thank you @Marty Rogan)

Up for grabs this time is one of the last remaining bits of a 1973 240Z, VIN HLS30-1630XX


Includes a 3 lever control arm arse'y for adjusting various functions of the cabin ventilation back in the day. I cannot verify if it 'ran when parked'.

I did NOT verify if the fan control knob changed positions. I also DID NOT use pliers or vise-grips to check if it worked. There are NO KNOBS or any type of BEZEL included with this. The pictures below show what is included.

Please note: These parts have been sitting in my covered patio, but not climate controlled patio for SEVERAL YEARS.  I CANNOT guarantee if ANYTHING works.

Some cables were seized, however, they were removed to simplfy the shipping process, but they are in the box. Also included are the 4 cable clamps, if I counted correctly.

I have already boxed the item up. I had to add layers of cardboard so the levers would not try to do any site-seeing on their travels.

I apologize up front about the picture quality (and the dirty kitchen floor), I'm not a professional photographer, professional cleaner, or a shady used car salesman...

All I ask from you is you to pay USPS Flat rate shipping for (what I believe is) a MEDIUM box, current rate in the CONUS is $13 and some change.  If, after reviewing the pictures, you want this item. please reply to this post and then send me a PM. It's just that simple.

Thank you for helping me de-junk parts that may be valuable to you, but have less value than $0.02 to the scrap man...



I have now learned from others and reviewing my past posts that "A S S ' Y" (without the spaces) gets converted to "arse'y" Thank you forum software for keeping this place 'safe'. I guess it hasn't  looked in the 'boobs' thread...

My next offering for the "Pay It Forward" thread is shown in the following pictures.

In addition to the above offering, I also have a dealer add-on AC unit. What I have in my possession, is pictured below. GIFTED. GONE. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

I have (what appears to me) is a complete evaporator unit from a dealer installed AC  unit.  The supply and return hoses have been cut, so those would have to be replaced. GIFTED. GONE. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

I also have a center vent distribution piece if you need that.

However, after talking to @Captain Obvious, it appears I may have gifted him some parts that he did not want. (Fan unit for 240Z and AC control knob for dealer installed AC unit) Please allow him to respond and perhaps I can get together with him to make a package deal.

All items are available separately, however I cannot guarantee that ALL of them will fit in a flat rate box. Shipping will be from 23462, unless CO will ship from his location.

As always, first to respond has dibs.







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17 minutes ago, Patcon said:


Wayne, did that evap unit come out of a 240z? If it did I'll take it

Charles,. It appears to be a 'dealer installed' aftermarket type evap.

TO ALL: The evaporator assembly has been gifted.

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