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Some people were meant to drive cars, not work on them

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I can't even begin to guess what the PO of my car was thinking when he mangled the fuel filler and fuel filler cavity. Perhaps the white platstic connector between the fuel filler and the hose that goes to the evap tank was cracked or lost, but why cut up the body? The full filler tube is removed from below for God's sake! Time to buy a MIG welder and learn to weld.......

Also, it looks like someone got creative in filling a hole in the top of the gas tank. I found the detail in the last pic while prepping my tank for POR15. This is on the upper left front corner of the tank. Based on the originality of the paint on the tank including this area, I'd guess that this was done at the factory, except for the fact that it's US currency. The little circular manufacturing date stamp was still on the tank so I don't think it was an aftermarket replacement. Anyone else find this oddity on your tank?









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