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Hello from a new owner of a '73 240Z

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Hey everyone, been lurking for a bit now but finally got my '73 so I thought I'd post an introduction. This forum has already been an extraordinary help

I picked it up Sunday and I am really excited. It's been sitting for more than 10 years in the guy's garage so I had to tow it. I almost got it started today but I think I just need to pull the carbs and give them a good cleaning. It fires with the carb clean but I think the gas is gummed up in the fuel bowls. When I first looked at it I thought it had the original dash but it does have a cap and the rest of the interior is in fantastic condition.

It is bone stock and I do have mild plans. I have a 6-2-1 header and a Cannon triple manifold and a line on some Weber 40's. In the mean time I want to get it running and cleaned up a bit. Before I got the triple manifold I was getting some 4 screw SU's cleaned up and ready to go on. I may just put the round tops and balance tube on to get it going. Just need time :stupid:

I think eventually I will want to find an earlier bumper but these aren't bad. There are dings here and there but I think a good dent guy can handle most of them. Only 50,782 miles!!!

You can check out my photobucket album for more of the pictures




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Congratuations on your find. Looks good from the outside. Take care of the basics before you jump into all the other things. It's easy to skip things that are more important than headers and carbs. Don't be disapointed if it has 150,000, 50,000 isn't much even if it sat for the last 10 years unless the PO has good documentation of it's total history. BTW there's nothing wrong with round top carbs and if rebuilt and calibrated they work great. Good luck with your project. It's a great little sports car.

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Congrats on your find, looks great! Looking forward to seeing more pictures. While you are cleaning the carbs you may want to pull that gas tank and make sure everything is clean in there. There are some great write ups on prep for getting your car starting before you actually fire it up. It could save you some big money on interior damange to your engine.

Let the FUN begin!!

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Hey, nice car and nice color! 114 Brown Metallic rocks! Good to see another local on the board. I found my 1 owner unmolested 73 in Santa Rosa with only 78,000 original miles. Luckily, the PO had already swapped out the flat tops. Good luck with your project. I look forward to more pics as you start going through the car.

By the way, If you decide to put on a full front spoiler, I'd definitely be interested in your front valence panel and lower corners or whatever they're called. Let me know.

Look familiar?



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:) Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I've been on enough message boards to recognize a good group. Some of the guitar and off road sites can be brutal

The Webers are a future future kind of thing. Right now I already have the round tops cleaned up and ready to go on. I started pulling off the vacuum lines and air box last night to take off the flat tops but the bugs became unbearable. I thought I'd be able to quickly remove the flat tops, but there's a good amount of other stuff that needs to come off too so I'm just going to swap the carbs and balance tube for now.

Bruce, the PO drained the tank and lines when he parked it, but nothing past the fuel pump was drained so I will make sure the lines are free and clear after the pump. It has fresh oil and I have fresh coolant for it. I'll be pressure bleeding the brake/clutch this weekend. I have thought about the tank because I've always read with motorcycles, it's best to store it with a full tank to keep the condensation/moisture away. It's still drained, I was just using a small gas can on Sunday.

The engine cranks easy with the booster pack, which is a nice relief. My dad has known the PO for years and the car had regular oil changes while it sat, and he turned it over periodically so the engine wouldn't seize. The to-do list is quickly growing but still manageable. I'll try and take more pictures in the next day and post them up. I have plans after work tonight so I won't be getting home until it's dark.

Enigma, awesome car! I'd be lying if I said I haven't seen your posts in the S30 area. haha I even showed my mom pictures of your car so she knew what color mine was going to be. I'll have to cruise on down when it's running and drivable. My cousins grew up in Felton and I went to San Jose State so that area is not completely foreign. I've eaten in Ben Lomond a few times at the PW market on motorcycle rides down 9, they have some good stuff in there.

Sorry such a long post!

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That's good to hear, some of the better news I've heard today in fact. :)

I looked at the paint on the brake booster, under the master, and it's bubbled so I think I know why the master is bone dry now

As far as the wheels go, I am going to run the Watanabe's for now and I want to bring the shine back on the slot mags. The Wats don't weigh anything! (they're 14s) I weighed one with the tire and it was 28 pounds :D

Anyway, I managed to upload some more pictures to my photobucket album.... like an idiot, i realized I never took a pic of the engine before i pulled the air cleaner :stupid:

Ask and ye shall receive ... there's no thumbs up smiley!



I heard these oil caps are getting rare



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Andy, it looks really good, same combination as mine, will you do me a favor while you are out there with your camera?, i need some photos of the tach wiring, maybe you could stick your hand up behind the dash and shoot.

You can read why i like to here: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34127


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