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Finally getting started!!

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After 2 yrs of putting all other projects ahead of my own, I've finally began to assemble my engine.

I started with a JCR Supercharger setup I purchased from 1TuffZ. In working out the plans for my setup, I came to the conclusion that i wanted to use the best of today's technology in the build. So this ment alot of special, and custom items were going to be needed.......So below is what I have done so far.

Custom SC Cam grind from with Paul Rushman's help, via Rebello Racing.

Kameari Twin Gear Timing kit.

Custom JDM Tensioner ( kameari Twin Gear setup. )

Kameari 1.0mm Headgasket

Kameari ReInforced Engine mounts

Kameari Fully Adj. Cam Gear

Kameari Valve Cover

Kameari (Mech. ) Oil pressure gauge

JDM Valve Cover Studs

JCR Modified Intake for Port Injection & Manifold Intake Air Sensor

CNC Injector holders

Individual Steel Braided lines to each Injector

440cc Injectors

Modified TB from a Mustang *( 7th Injector to cool/Lubricate SC. )

WOLF3D -Engine Management System ( via Ron Tyler )

J & S Safegaurd System ( Individual Cyl. Knock control System )

Individual Coilpack setup ( via Ron Tyler )

Modified Infrared 300zx Dist. ( via Ron Tyler )

Oil cooler setup ( not installed yet )

Ceramic Heated ( not installed yet )

JDM Oil Temp Sensor

Today I started to assemble and test fit things. It's been to long not playing with my own toy's!!...... With any luck, I may actually get it on the road this summer






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Brian, this is amazing. I can't wait to see it running. Maybe by Canby if you hurry??

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Sorry for not posting this sooner. June 13-14th. You've got two months, Brian...

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That is one amazing looking engine. Interestingly, it has nearly all the same parts I have on my wish list, but will probably never have. Are you building that for me? If not, le tme know when you're ready to sell. :)

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I thought the valve cover said 'OMG', at least that is what I said. LOL That is going to be a beast, would like to hear it spooled up.

And some pretty 'blue bits' I need for my engine. :love:

Bonzi Lon

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