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Need help from my Canadian bretheren (longer post)


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There's background needed here and that makes this lengthy. Sorry.

As some of you will recall, I started the rebuidling of my original-owner '72 (HLS30-46372) last summer. We have the front end, floor pans and rockers all taken care of. However, I have been stymied for some time trying to get the rear fenders addressed. The reason is that one of the curved parts that makes the arch from the inner, vertical wall section of the "tub" to the outer skin (where it meets up with the external body work and gets pinched together) has been eluding my acquisition. This part is colloquially called the outer rear wheelhouse and the illustration shows it as part number 75.

I've purchased all of my other rust repair parts directly from Tabco in Cleveland, OH and have been happy with them. However, Tabco simply has not been very accomodating about making these parts. I have been trying to get them since last October and it's always the same "we'll be getting that die in the press next week" answer that began to ring false around New Year's Day.

I finally turned to Mill Supply (curiously enough, also located essentially in Cleveland, OH) and they had the left hand unit in stock. However, the fellow told me he has four back-orders for the right hand part (who else among you is on that list?) and they've been getting the same runaround from Tabco. They are looking to get them from another supplier, but I don't know who that might be.

Anyway, the last time I spoke to Tabco, I was told that they sold a bunch of these parts to someone in Canada in 2007 or 2008. Do any of our Canadian members know who that might be? I've called Charlie Osborne at Zedd Fndings to see if he knows, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Geezer, you're practically a U.S. resident there in Windsor, and Sailor Bob, you're practically an Icelander there in Newfoundland, so you're excused if you don't know the answer - unless you do.:laugh:


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Im going to assume its Charlie... I know he stocks some body parts. Ive got my Tabco stuf from him in the past. Send him an email and call him again. I recall it taking a few days for him to get back to me, several days actually. But I know his prices are fair and he ships to the US too.

I'll call the local Datsun shop here in Toronto and ask if they happen to have one. Ill get back to you.


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Hi Bob - Tabco is the manufacturer of these parts. They won't do a run of any particular part unless there is a healthy demand for them. Normaly the void can be filled by dealers such as Mill Supply Company and others for a while but the supply does dry up eventually. I ordered both sides of the outer wheelhouse tubs from Mill Supply because I could not get my calls returned from Tabco. It still took a long time to get them. I can't remember exactly how long it took, something like 6-8 months, I think. I did post about it at the time. You are going through the same as I did back then. I have no idea who the reseller is in Canada who stocked up on these parts, but Charlie Osborne would be one of the likely suspects. Use the contact method he has on his website. He always gets back to me within a few days.

PS - The outer wheelhouses were the best made parts I got that originated from Tabco. They fit like a glove.

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