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Haven't worked on the car for a while... She sits safe & snug in the garage for now.

Most of January I've been busy with family and for the last 1-1/2 weeks have been working long days and weekends as we are launching a new product. I expect to be too busy to work on the car for a few weeks more...

Hopefully I'll have time to work on her again soon.

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Ha Ha thats good... a thread about nothing.

I can add to that - I haven't done a tap on mine all winter either, I have a bunch of parts and the best of intentions when I stowed her (73) in December.

As Big Oak says winter is the excuse here, I am feeling guilty as s--t about it, but it's just too damn cold in that shed.

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Well, lets see, the 1970.....taken the entire car apart, blasted, painted, rebuilt, cut, broken, torn, etc, etc,........I even did some of the work, but mostly it was my wallet.

The 1971......nothing. (except drive)

The thread about nothing, I love it.....

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After reading this thead about doin' nothin', I felt a little guilty about taken my windshield motor and linkage out last week, cleanin' & greasen' and then letting it sit and it not back in the car.........I reinstalled the assembly this morning and now I feel a sence of accomplishment of finalizing the now working wipers. Another project completed.

NOW...........I'm going to do nothing!

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