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Lighter replacement


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I have a 73 240 and I want to replace the lighter. I was expecting to feel a nut on the back side but I can't feel a thing back there other than the lighter itself. Is it possible that it is fixed in there some other way? I've tried several times and keep deciding I'll come back to it later. But I end up there every time.


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The whole outer shell casing of the lighter actually threads onto the inner frame.

Remove the wire connecting to the back screw, then insert a finger into the lighter socket, and turn the outer shell from behind the dash. The finger you insert is to stop the lighter's small tab that is supposed to "lock" it in place from shearing off.

Sometimes the outer shell has corroded a bit onto the inner frame. Take your time and slowly work it loose, you don't want to mangle it and damage the dash.

Depending on the model you have, you'll either have an external bulb socket attached to the outer shell of the lighter (kind of a slide in and lock sides metal contraption), or you'll have a fiber optic lead going to an light bulb housing mounted onto the dash's frame.

(On dashes with the pull style Hazard Switch, the fiber optic system also illuminated the knob of the Hazard Switch.)



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