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They listed it as a 280 . it looks pretty solid from the pic's. I'm looking for a 240 since my 260 is almost finished. waiting on the seller to send me pic's of the usual trouble areas. any opinions on the car

ebay item#170292194653


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See if you can find a local member to check it out...there is precious little detail in that listing. That's just a cut and paste of some history from wikipedia...Looks like plenty of a project, but maybe an ok shell...

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Thats a LOT of work and money. Even $300 (reserve not met) seems.. I dunno.... nuts. You looking at THOUSANDS of dollars for the interior alone. I think that for $2000-3000 you can find a better starting point, that will cost you less in the long run.

I look at those pics and think "parts". Except it's missing a lot of the good parts.

Point of reference: I paid $2,600 for my '70 240Z last summer. Check out my gallery for what that bought me.

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I'm thinking along the same lines as bigoak and Tarmac..... Try to get someone to do a hands-on inspection for you.

IMO there are too many flags on that listing to get any sort of a comfort level. This could be a gem, but without doubt it remains a pig in a poke until it is seen and evaluated by someone who knows something and is willing to share the information.

The description is simply a cut & paste history lesson, and the specifics that are given don't say much / pictures of very important areas are missing / the seller has zero history / transportation will not be cheap / ..... as it is it's a cr*p shoot. On the plus side, maybe this is a real novice owner & seller with a desirable product.... The key word is "maybe". When gambling, the odds always favor the house. Increase your odds of winning with more information.

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Maybe it would be worth your while to start a new thread with a plea for assistance.... With a title of "Need Help in Napa CA" you may root out some members who are not following this thread/topic.... just a thought to consider. (Of course, reference this thread for background.)

Good luck, and keep us updated.

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