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L26 engine rebuild kits?


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im looking for an rebuild kit and found these:

260Z (camshaft N/A, not in kit)

1974-75 2.6L OHC L6 - master engine kit NI2565MK $454.07

A master engine kit for a basic engine rebuild will basically include the following parts:

Piston, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, freeze plugs, gasket set, cam, lifters, complete timing kit, and oil pump.


and this other:


what do you think?

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The problem with pre-assembled kits is that you don't know the quality of the parts that the seller has gathered. Who made the rings? What material, chrome, moly, or cast iron? Are the bearings top quality? Are the timing gears hardened and top quality? These are the kinds of questions you can't answer with a kit.

When rebuilding an engine, I always select and purchase my parts individually. That way I know I'm getting what I want/need.

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Possibly, but finding a pre-assembled kit where ALL of the contents are identified and are known brands of high quality might be tough. I personally wouldn't bother to try. Try calling up one of these suppliers and ask them who is the manufacturer of the main bearings in their kit. Or maybe who makes the valve seals. See if they can even give you an answer. Far simpler to just buy the parts individually, that way I KNOW what I have in there.

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rpm are distributors for:

Childs & Albert - Rings - Crankshafts - Pistons - Rods - Tools, etc.

Manley - Pistons-Rings-Valves-Valve Springs, Retainers, Locks-Timing Sets-Pushrods-Oil Pumps-Tools

Ferrea - Racing components - Valves - Competitions Gaskets - Wrist Pins - Valve Springs, Retainers, Locks.

Elgin-engine and valve train components, connecting rods and crankshafts, etc.

Competition Cams-camshafts, lifters, cylinder head components, etc.

Crane Cams-camshafts, valve train components, etc.

BRC Pistons and crankshafts.

J.E. Pistons-pistons, rings, etc.

S.R.P. Pistons-pistons, rings, etc.

S.I. valves, valve train components, connecting rods, and crankshafts.

Federal Mogul-TRW-Sealed Power-Speed Pro-Carter-engine components.

Milodon-oil pans, gear drives, valve covers, timing covers, studs, bolts, stainless valves, etc.

KB pistons, Silvolite pistons, Badger pistons & sleeves, Ertel, and many more.

Pioneer-misc. engine components, engine rebuilding tools, etc.

Melling oil pumps, etc.

Fel Pro Gaskets.

McCord gaskets.

Clevite Engine parts and bearings.


World Products cylinder heads.

Wiseco pistons.

Eagle rods - Crankshafts, etc.

Crower crankshafts, rocker arms, connecting rods, etc.

Full-Bore race products.

Holley manifolds, carburetors, etc.

Elelbrock intake manifolds, carburetors, valve covers, etc.

Isky Cams & Components.


Synergyn Racing oils.

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I tried to find components that came with good recommendations on quality and longevity in real world use on Z cars. Then I called around to find out who had the best price on them.

This is what I can remember purchasing:

ITM pistons and rings with chrome top ring.

Clevite rod and main bearings.

Cloyes timing chain kit.

Fel-Pro front cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, head gasket, rear main seal kit (no, it doesn't leak), valve cover gasket.

Nissan oil pickup tube gasket, thermostat housing to head gasket, oil pump gasket.

MSA header/intake gasket, Turbo oil pump (Paraut brand).

The Brass core plug set I purchased from the local BAP.

Everything except the parts I ordered from MSA I purchased locally and only had to visit two or three stores to pick it all up.

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