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Vintage 240-Z Sports promotional video


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the BRE Datsun 240Z that proved the Japanese could build sportscars — and race cars — that could compete with the best from the United States and Europe.

Forty years ago John Morton and Brock Racing Enterprises won the SCCA National Championship in this very car. It was the first time a Japanese production-based car had won, and it proved the 240Z was a serious drivers’ car. To mark the anniversary of that milestone, Nissan is building a BRE 370Z. We told you about the car yesterday, but Nissan didn’t have any pictures of the BRE 240Z so we used one we found on Flickr.

Nissan got back to us today with two vintage pics of the car, so we thought we’d post them. The picture above shows Morton winning the American Road Racing Championship at Road Atlanta in 1971. The car was totaled two weeks after the photo was taken. The picture below show the championship-winning Z at Orange County Raceway earlier in the season in 1971.


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That's a compilation of four different films produced by Nissan. The 240Z Sport and African Safari films are actually abour 20 minutes long. The segment with John Morton is a television advertisement.


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Old thread brought back to life by an amazingly good robot spammer. Previous spammer in 2009 added typical vague comment but this one managed to at least post some relevant text stolen from elsewhere.

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I agree with part of what you are saying, winning the (US) National Championship in 1970 & 71 (in C production) went a long way to prove that Nissan/ Datsun was building a quality product, and certainly helped sell Datsuns in the US.

This was not Datsun's first National Championship. In 1969 Jack Scoville racing a Datsun Roadster won the D Production National championship, and Datsun had several "wins" prior to that.

The BRE #46 was not destroyed 2 weeks after the photo you are referring to was taken, rather it was sold by Datsun USA to another racer, painted white and blue and was crashed in 1976 at Phoenix International raceway.

I have photos from the log book of the car, and first hand information from an interview with the last owner of the car.

I appreciate your interest in this piece of history, and hope that you continue to enjoy the great history of the BRE Datsun's in all their glory.



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Ironically, the country of origin for both spambots is India. Impressive or not, they are both spambots. proximity4 was even clever enough to get Ron to answer him/it.:)

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