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Poor #299: Not for the feint of heart!


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Poor No. 299. It would be a real challenge bringing this one back to life. I hate to see the earliest N. American cars in this state. Probably end up as a parts car for someone.








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It actually doesn't look as bad as I was expecting from your description. Lots of people here have replaced floor pans and frame rails so if you're going to do that anyway I suppose it doesn't matter how far gone they are. The body doesn't look that bad, the bumpers look good and even the battery tray appears to be present. Obviously I'd want to see more pictures but it certainly looks better than Chris's #27.

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Looked better than #248! :)





And #299 is a relatively complete car! But being on the backside of a complete restoration, I know that someone would easily be at +30K to do the restoration well.


GOOD MAN ! ! ! ! :)


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That title can of worms is the worst of it. He didn't say "no title", he said "No clear title" meaning there is a title with leans, meaning the car was probably stolen at some point-who would take out a loan to buy a car in that shape-or why would someone buy a car in better shape and not pay it off. Huge RED FLAG...If you are looking at this car, get the title info as it is and figure out if it can be sorted out before buying her-worst case Ebay pulls the Auction because the seller isn't actually the owner.


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Nice car:love:,

I agree with Chris.Lots of parts useable and they are so rare.

If the car has a spare tyre,I want to see it.

I want to bid but I can not.It is sitting just too far from me:ermm:


He did say he's willing to hold it for 60 days till shipping is worked out :)

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Very interesting! Notice the fuel door knob? How about the map light? Hell, the steering wheel is worth $200! Yes, it looks as bad as 27th.

Thanks for your comments Chris, I was starting to feel like I had broken some unspoken rule about speaking ill of one of the first 500. Just thought it would be a tough one to restore - not that it was impossible for the right motivated person.

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Any and all '69 production 240Zs should be saved and restored. What a waste it would be to part-out this car. I sent a message to the seller, inquiring about the title situation. Once I hear back from him, I will post it on this thread. In most states, a lien has to be renewed every 7 years or it becomes null & void. I'm sure that the lien is something that can be overcome, just a minor hurdle in saving a piece of Z history. Some of you members in the NE should really consider buying this car. At the very least, get it out of the elements, store it inside for a while until you can find someone that will restore it (and make a nice little profit as this car appreciates in value). This blue on blue Z deserves to be restored to her original beauty!

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I agree with Steve. I have received permission from my wife to bid on this car, though I doubt I will win the auction because I'm not authorized to bid very much. If I get it I will clean it up and park it in my soon-to-be-heated garage as I assemble the parts to restore it and work on it over several years. The sad truth is that this car is probably worth more to someone who plans to flip its parts and scrap the rest than someone who is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to restore it appropriately.

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