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Atlantic Z anyone?


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I'm just curious if anyone has bought a car from the Atlantic Z car club, or know anythign about the cars they sell? I've talked to them a couple of times, and they seem pretty straight foward about everything.

I keep thinking back to the last time I bought a car(Firebird), and the guy seem really nice, and the car seemed great from all the pictures he sent me, and i ended up buying the thing, andgetting ripped off bigtime, which i didnt realize until i had the car for a couple months. It cost me a fortune to restore, and finally i just got fed up and sold it when it was finished.

Sorry for the rant. haha. Any info on atlantic z? As alwalys, Any and all help offered is greatly appreciated! I wish i had of found this website 5 or 6 years ago when i was first interested in Z cars, I probably wouldnt have bought the Firebird, and I'd be driving my dream Datsun right now... hah

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I don't have any experience with the Atlantic Z car club, but there are plenty of people around here who can help you check out any car that you might see on the internet and give you an un-biased third party opinion.

You should also get in contact with Sailor_Bob, a member here, he is also a Newfie and is in the search for a Z car ... maybe the two of you can split the costs to transport a car. Just thought...

Welcome to the club and good luck with your search ...

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Hey Greg - ditto

Tim - Atlantic Z is a very good club, but not a retail outlet. Any purchases you might make are stricktly between you and an individual (seller using the sites classified) who may or may not have scruples. Without exception the onus is on the buyer to ensure he is getting what he or she desires, this will only be achieved through dilligent reseach and patience.

There are many buyer/seller scenrios and not all include devious sellers. In some cases people simply don't have the expertise to adequately or accurately describe what they are selling. So, the problem still is yours to solve by asking the correct questions.

I would recommend checking sites that freely provide information such as Zhome.com to get your feet wet. There are links provided through this site and Atlantic Z as well that will tell you pretty well anything you will need to know.

Good luck

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Their tech pages have saved my behind on a number of occasions. Club seems to be a fine upstanding part of the Z community, but I know no one indivudally. They offer cars for sale but like as mentioned above it's from the individual not the club itself.

Caveat emptor, and all that....

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The Atlantic Z guys have sold two Z's recently to folks here in Alberta that I am now helping with the resto's.

Given what I saw and was told, both deals were done right IMHO. I personally know and trust one of the sellers (Blue). Long term Z community member.

As always, remember you are buying an old used car, ask lots of questions, get lots of pictures and all the advice in above posts is spot on.


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