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Doubler over for'd frame rails

Sailor Bob

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Got some pics for you to look at. I'm trying to figure if there is a reason why all these (six sided doublers above the rail on inner fender) peices are different. Some appear to be rivitted in, some welded, others (like my own) "look" as if glued on - others quite ragged. Has there been different processes or is this indications that there were repairs?

I have looked at alot of cars and seen several different looking plates and I have been assuming that anything other than a perfect looking six sided is repair work - I've seen so many that vary from that appearance that it has me wondering if I am misinterpreting what I see.

Other examples welcome.


Had more pics - but they won't load.


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I would say they both have had some work, though the first one looks like the closest to stock, I have never seen one with the weld marks the second one has-obviously it has been messed with. I posted pics of mine on another thread at the request of a member, I'll try to find them in my files and repost for you.


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I've noticed them as well, but I'll leave the genealogy and geometry of their provenance to others who delve into such details.

That part of the body is notoriously prone to rust, and that doubler almost seems to guarantee it. As a result it isn't uncommon to find that it's been replaced, re-welded, re-brazed, or rivetted back in place due to it falling off or rusting off.

There are also size variations....


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It is just a doubler. It reinforces a kink prone area in the chassis rails. Your rust issues look minor to me. I have been into quite a few S-30s for rust repairs. Yours looks pretty good in that area.

1. Drilll out the spot welds and remove it.

2. Clean up the rust underneath. There WILL BE RUST under it. There was probably rust under it the day it came off the container ship.

3. Cut a slightly larger piece similar in shape(to ensure contact with clean unrusted metal). Form it to fit the compound angles in that section.

4. Weld the new piece securely in place. Use a combination of perimeter and plug welds.

5. Treat for rust and seam seal the entire area including the pinch seam of the frame rail all the way to the front.

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Wise words there bjhines.

I had two new doublers made for my rebuild project from measurements that Will sent me. They look original and not out of place.

The doubler should butt up to the locater which is stamped into the inner guard just above the TC rod mount. It's a small 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch block. From the pictures above you can see that the patches aren't in the right place. I'd bet that the frame rails inside are horrid.

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