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Oil filter part numbers?

Walter Moore

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Ok, I searched the forums but was unable to find any reference to the correct part number for the oil filter on an L series engine.

I had originally installed a Fram PH8A filter, because it fit and is the largest size of filter. I am only about 200 miles into the break-in period, but I changed the oil today because for the first tank of gas or so I had the front choke badly mis-adjusted, and the choke cables were twisted at an angle that caused them to bind on the air cleaner. The net effect was that I drove the car about 40 miles with the chokes stuck full on, and another 30 miles with the front carb way too rich.

(It fouled the plugs up to the point that the car would not run twice.)

Anyway, I went to the my local parts store this morning and bought 5 quarts of oil and a new filter. I tried to look up the oil filter in the book, but it only went back to 1980. (Of course.) Since I was in a hurry, I used the number that was listed for a 1980 280ZX. So now I have a Purolator # L14670 filter, which is the same diameter as the PH8A, but shorter.

(Interesting side effect, the car only needed 5 quarts of oil with the filter change, not the 5.25 quarts that it did with the larger filter.)

What oil filters are other people running on their Z cars? Does the older L series engine need a different filter than the one specified for the ZX? If so, why?

(Another interesting side observation, apparently the anti-drain back valve in the Fram filter had failed in less than 200 miles, because when I took the filter off of the car it was empty. Very abnormal...)

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