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Need Help w/ a Fuel Lines Photo...


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similar to this one, except of course with the lines still in. I've searched the archives here for a few hours over the past couple of weeks & found some that are close, but I'm hoping someone can give me one that is at the same angle as the one I've taken of my engine area.

I took my fuel lines/brake lines to get replated. Now I can't find my diagram to specify which lines go in what groove in the bracket. I don't need a restoration photo, just preferably one with the motor out. I just need to clarify that I've got my ducks in a row before I climb under there tonight &/or in the morning.

I know, I could figure it out but it's been so hot here lately I am taking the easy way out asking for help rather than trying to figure it out (or look further for my diagram). Thanks for your help.


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Those shots were precisely what I was looking for. Thanks again!

I got the brake lines, fuel lines, & two sets brackets & screws replated at a local place here east of Atlanta. They charged me $100. I had new OEM style brake lines from Classic Tube & the old fuel lines. The fuel lines were a little pitted & had some scratches, but they're ok, not the greatest. I did have to have them redo a couple of lines because they were saying how the small diameter makes them difficult to plate correctly. The second time around came out good.

I started to try to get some new tube & make my own fuel lines. After about an hour I had to decide to use my old ones or get new ones. When I was told a month's wait for new ones I decided to go for replating the old ones.

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They're my old brackets. I also had accumulated an extra two sets of them from my old parts cars. I had them all done so I could pick & choose which ones looked best to put on the car.

Now the rubber insulators, that's a different story. I've been soaking them for a day to see if I can get them a little more pliable.

The shop that I had them done is at georgiaplating.com. I just picked them because they were 10 miles down the road from me. Usually I get a guy who frequents the Datsun boards to plate my items but the fuel lines were just too big to ship. Frankly, he took a little longer a couple of times than I wanted (keep in mind mailing), but I think his quality was a little better than the local place here.

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