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what is wrong with this dyno sheet??


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The date code would look strange to the average American, because we write the date month-day-year, and it would seem to indicate September 3, 2007. In fact however the rest of the world writes the date day-month-year, which shows that the dyno reading was taken on March 9, 2007.

Is that what you thought was weird?

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I thought you all would be confused by the format of a non-u.s. dyno sheet. Thats why I thought it was wierd.

The top line is for the kw.... converted is about 103hp

The bottom line....... I have no clue how to convert that into tq. Maybe someone else knows.

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The torque curve does not make sense to me. The peak (if you ignore the values near idle) seems to be around 2200. The scale is labeled N but as someone else pointed out it would normally be newton meters or Nm. 1 Nm = 0.737 lb-ft but there's no way a 103HP engine would put out 1622 lb-ft of torque. Hopefully a non-US person can explain it to those of us still using an antiquated system of measurement.

As far as the date format goes I deal with it all the time in software development. I think m-d-y and d-m-y are both silly. y-m-d makes the most sense. After all, you don't tell time in s:m:h or m:s:h ...

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