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Brake Terminology

Tony D

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O.K., here is an informal poll:

When the FSM tells you that the Rear Brakes are "Automatically Adjusted" and that routine adjustment is not required...

Would you consider the brakes to be a "Self Adjusting" system?

Having owned cars (and still own) that require religious, routine adjustment of the Star Wheel Adjusters to keep proper drum to shoe clearance, I consider the brakes on the S30 to be "Self Adjusting" and use the term interchangably with "Automatically Adjusted"...

How about you guys? Kinda Curious on the 'terminology take'....

Note: this is not for the guys that refuse to use their parking brake as intended and have to manually adjust their brakes all the time....like some racers do! I am meaning in a normal operation as intended by the manufacturer in the Owner's Manual!LOL

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Guess Nissan was a bit proud of their more "modern" systems at the time of writing. This caused them to use fancier terminology.

They should use "self adjusting" or semi-automatic:) This is especially true when the hardware is aged. Guess it means that you don't need to get out of the car and adjust them.

Back up fast and E-brake.

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Tomo, If your e brake is not working . Most likely you are driving with only the front brakes operating. Your rear wheel cylinders may be frozen up. Unless what you have is a bad e brake cable that is jammed . To see if the rears are working , just drive down a empty street and make a panic stop from about 30 MPH . If the front wheels lock up and you don't see any braking from the rears . There you go.

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You might be right. Either that or the e-brake cable is so stretched that pulling up as far as it will go still isn't enough to apply braking. The rears need a complete service anyways- the PO-d didn't do much but a cheap paint job to sell the car.

OTOH, the brake shoes will last forever that way! :lick:

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