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a/c problem


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The only thing is that it doesn't lose a/c gradually. It completely dies out as if the compressor isn't working. Thats why i thought maybe it a loose connection wire. For example yesterday i drove it to the local wing stop, probably around 15 min and when i turned on the car it wouldn't throw cold air anymore. It sometimes happens when i'm driving also.

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That is what Ron is telling you. AC systems have a capillary tube that senses the evaporator temperature. At the other end of that tube is a switch that sends power to the compressor. If the evaporator gets too cold or freezes up, the compressor will shut down until the evap temp is back within operating range.

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You might not be clear on the term 'evaporator'. It's located under the dash and the capillary tube sits between the fins of the evap to sense the temperature. You want it to shut off if the evap starts to freeze up. It will save your system. Which system do you have? Is you compressor upright or rotary? If it's the typical aftermarket system as there was no factory air in the US in a 72, it will look something like this. To get to the evaporator, you'll have to open the case. Make sure that drainage tube is not blocked because that could be the source of your problem as Ron earlier stated.


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