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SU throttle bodies


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I really don't know where you are going with this , but at the recent Canby Show there was a 280 there that had Weber intakes with individual injectors on each tube. Also I think he was running a Wolf ignition which also has a coil per spark plug. I didn't hear the engine run but the builder of the car said that the performance was outstanding. He owned his own shop , I think in Washington. Gary

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I too saw that car at Canby. I think it was the TWM Weber-type throttle bodies on a Cannon manifold. Those manifolds show up no and then on eBay without carbs and should be a good match for the TWM bodies.

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Give braap a PM . He is a engine builder that has been on the cutting edge of this stuff and is a guru on injection and head work. He is a member here and has his own business building engines and doing head work and R&D. His work is known internationally. Paul's shop is in Sandy Oregon. Gary

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