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Tough choice


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I had to finally make the choice between the 280Z and 300ZX.the 280 is half apart in my garage as it gets patch panels welded in along with many WIAT things. The 300 is ready to go cruising anytime in luxury. Not enough room or time for both...... The listing on the 300ZX comes out tomorrow in the regional paper. I just can't part with that S30. for some reason.


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That definitely is a tough choice and I'm not sure which I'd go with given the current status of the 280Z. On one hand you have a car that you can jump right into and get some instant gratification, and on the other a pile of work to be done and a list of WIATs waiting for time and cash. On the upside, you'll have plenty of cash after the sale. :) Good luck with your project.

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