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  1. Here are some pictures straight from the closet. The black smudges i can and will wipe off, just 30+ year old dirt i guess. Door panels and headliner are in boxes so no pics of those.
  2. Hello guys maybe you can help me out. Hard times means i have to let go of my interior and possibly my s30. Hopefully just my interior. I have no idea what to even price it at and was hoping you guys could possibly help me out. I have full interior pieces, the doors, headliner, plastic trim for the windows, the sun visors, and i think some other bits, but not seats. They are all in pretty mint condition and in a brown/butterscotch color. What would be a fair asking price? Are these parts interchangeable with any s30? Thanks in advance guys the help is appreciated.
  3. Na i didnt buy it. I still only have my 280.
  4. I was looking at that car talked to the guy. He is about a hour from me. Anyone know if a 280z interior would fit in a 240z? I mostly mean all the plastic trim pieces as that car is missing all the interior panels. I have a whole extra set of interior for my 280 including headliner.
  5. thats kind of hot actually
  6. The gas cap looks very out of place. Dont really like the car tho poor Z.
  7. I bet the combustion chamber is bigger than my room .
  8. Was lookin for stuff at my job when i came across this. The website its from is www.man.eu they are a truck building company. Anyway this crankshaft at least thats what i think it was and it had the biggest engine under it, truly impressed me. Anyone know what it was used for? picture thing not workin for osme reason here is link of pic i took http://img251.imageshack.us/my.php?image=holycrankut6.png
  9. We once put a spoiler on this guys car with 3m double sided sticky tape. Fitting was a bit off so we decided to take it off and put it on again. All i remember is the sounds of fiberglass cracking. 3M tape, good stuff.
  10. As long as you came out the way you came in, and not through the other way. If the latter is the case you need a shower ASAP.
  11. I only heard it as "eating out" but that is beyond here nor there. My comment was not offensive and if you read it in the context wich it was its fairly easy to see it isnt. If someone thinks it is they have a wandering mind. If someone wants to make a codpiece thread more power to them. Nothing wrong with the human body. Just because i dont enjoy something doesnt mean it doesnt have the right to be there.
  12. They taste better than children what can i say.
  13. Maybe ask whoever wrote it before you make wrong assumptions.
  14. if you took my comment the wrong way you spent WAAAY too much time overanylizing it. It was a simple reply to where all the girls are, my stomach is where. Funny how i make a simple joke about eating people and you take it and twist it into something that has nothing to do with anything. If anyone's mind is in the gutter its yours. Maybe you should stop thinking everything has a sexual undertone and take it for what it is.
  15. I eated all the ladies. They tasted good.
  16. looks like you already smokin something over there
  17. Id like a bikini contest. Not with girls. But with Z's in bikinis.
  18. Finally got Forza 2. Here is what i made. Sold one Z on auction house in game and actually got more than my buy it now price. I guess people liked the idea. No one bought my Me-109 porsche 914 tho.
  19. Starts off kind of slow but watch towards the end. Lambo goes FLYING throught he air. Pretty crazy stuff.
  20. The lady looks proud of her handywork.
  21. Hehehe look at these How in gods name did they wedge that car that way.
  22. The guy is photoshopped for sure but i think the cars are actually in that position.
  23. dade280

    eBay Scam

    Wait so are you telling me i shouldnt have sent him an envelope full of cash?
  24. Show us your flux capacitor. How many miles to the pounds of garbage does your mr.fusion get?
  25. I think its for any L series motor. Like a japanese Z with the L would be HS30.
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