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SRL311-00004 (with documented race history since 1967) on ebay


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What if the documented history is unimpressive? Not to offend, but after reading his description I see it's been raced a lot, but with no significant race wins or podium finishes. Many times it mentions mechanical failures/DNFs. No "famous" connections...the Scoville reference is to a guy who had SCCA wins in a different car, but not that one...Will this adversely affect its value?

So, how valuable is this "documented history." I find it more impressive that it's #00004, given by Mr K., and used in some Datsun/Nissan PR capmaigns, but maybe that's just me.

Curious to see how it goes....


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So the restoration on this car is impressive and it is a very rare car with racing history. I can assure you to find a roadster in this condition that you would be hard pressed to build this car for what Bob is asking.

I am surprized though, this car has been for sale for over a year...It's been listed on eBay several times...It just has not sold yet.

I have raced on the track with this roadster with my roadster and I can tell you that this car is well done and well sorted.

Here is a couple of photos with my roadster and Bob's roadster at Solvang in 2006.



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I'm curious to see if it goes. There was a Roadster up for auction at the Mitty, don't know if it sold or not.

I talked to the owner of that car and it looked to be in nice shape. I seem to recall that he was hoping to get somewhere between 10 and 12 but it looks like it didn't work out for him:


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