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anyone we know?


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Not a bad price for a car in that condition, especially for someone who doesn't have the time, money or skills to get it there from a lesser example. I didn't see a mention of mileage or whether the engine has been rebuilt but that would certainly be a factor with respect to price in my mind.

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Looking at the junk that gone though E-Bay lately, and seeing the prices they bring... this one is at least $3K to $4K underpriced.... may scare potential buyers away, because they will wonder why it's so cheap...

Good Paint Job.... $5K

Interior Parts..... $1K

Ext. Badges .5K

New Seals........... .5K

D-Hubcaps .5K

Struts/springs .5K

Bumpers....... 1K

sub-tot = $9K

And I'd bet he has more than $14K in it not counting the car..

Which means your paying about $2,500.00 for a solid 71 240-Z.... and doing NONE of the work


Carl B.

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I saw this beauty on Denver craigslist last night and investigated a bit further. The craigslist ad lists "Lone Tree" as the location - big clue to the connection to Steve. The ad also shows closeup photos of the vin, and Steve lists the vin in his personal info. page - they are one and the same.

I p.m.'d Steve last night to verify...haven't heard back yet. Point well taken Carl, good price for a beautiful car (and better yet, from a known and highly regarded entity)!

Gary S.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the kind words. I've been extremely busy this past week and with the exception of replying to Gary's (7T1240) PM the other night, this is my first chance to post a reply. Well, to be honest with you, my son and I really didn't know what to ask for the car. We just looked at some recent ended auctions on Ebay and did a quick estimation. My son listed the car on the Denver Craig's list last Sunday night, he received a few e-mails inquiring about the car and forwarded them to me. I replied with my phone numbers, etc. I had a couple of guys who wanted to set up appts to see the car later in the week. Then on Tuesday night, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Patrick who was calling from Canada inquiring about the car. I asked him how in world he heard about a listing in Denver and he explained that he was fellow Classic Zcar Club member zhead240 and the listing had been posted in a thread and that a number of members had made some nice comments about the car. I saw the thread that Darrel had started and was very surprised to see that all of you thought the car was under priced. Out of respect for the 2 local guys, we pulled the listing soon after Patrick's phone call. In the past couple days, I called both of the local guys to confirm their appts to see the car, but they turned out not to be very serious buyers. So last night my son re-listed the car at a higher price. As mentioned in the listing, I really don't want to sell the car, but my oldest daughter graduates from high school next week and that will make 2 kids in college and the twins aren't too far behind at 5 years from graduating high school. I respect your opinions and want to thank all of you for your compliments and helping me get the highest possible amount for the car.

Best regards,

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