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hey guys!

I am fairly new here and to Zs as well. I am considering reaplcing/ restoring my weatherstripping since the ones on my car are all worned out/harddened. I've been running some searches on ebay but it seems that OEM weatherstripping aren't cheap especially if I want to restore the whole car. However I found a couple of kits on some websites and I don't think they are OEM. Here is one I found: http://www.blackdragonauto.com/features/z/zrs1-1975-datsun-280z.htm

My question is, will this kit be a good idea or should I just save money and get the OEM parts???

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I think most of the retailers selling the aftermarket seal kits source them from here Precision:


I know that some years back there were some fitment issues but they have since made improvements. I got mine from Oliver @ Z Specialties but have not installed it yet so can't speak to any fitment issues, but he's made sure that they fit well, or he wouldn't be representing the product. Shop around since the aftermarket is essentially the same product. The OEM is original so they should fit like a glove....check in with Mike @ Banzai Motorworks or MSA for a bundled price...there are a couple of smaller seal bits that aren't in these kits that you'll have to get for complete coverage...good luck with it...

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I have installed many weatherstrip kits from both Victoria British (Now Black Dragon) and MSA, as well as Precision.

There all very good, Precision seems to have put more thought into the hatch gaskets in the last few years. Some models are different in size as compared to others, Go Figure!

My best advice is install it after you have painted the jambs, use only 3M 's Black weatherstrip adhesive. If your not painting, then you had better be ready to do an awful lot of very careful cleaning.

And lastly, as the previous writer noted, these kits are not as complete as I'd like them to be, so plan on getting a whole lot of little extras as well.

P.S. Patience will also be very helpfull!!!

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I see, btw on their site are the following choices.

RUBBER SEAL KIT-17PC 240 70-73 (1) 199.95

RUBBER SEAL KIT-17PC COUPE 260-280 74-6/75 299.95

RUBBER SEAL KIT-19PC COUPE 280 7/75-78 (1) 199.95

I have a 1975 2+2 280Z so which kit do I get? The $299 or the $199. also why is there a big difference in price??

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The door openings on the 2+2 are much larger than the non 2+2 cars so I doubt these kits will work. I'm not sure about the hatch, but since the roofline is higher I would guess that the hatch is longer as well. It might make sense to call around and ask if they offer a kit specific for the 2+2.

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bought mine from MSA and they are Precision brand Too Intense Restoration has them as well. They are soft and supple. I had a pro install my new windshield , and he said that there were two makers of these kits and Precision was by far the best . In his estimation. The second brand was stiffer and didn't seal as well. I have only mine to comment on and everything has worked great. I did all the rest of the installation myself. Gary

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