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Just bought 240z


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I just bought a 240z from a salvage yard. I am planning to restore it. I have been doing alot of research and i found that this 240z actually has the 79-83 L28 2.8L engine with the 5 spd tranny in it. Most of the guages do not work and i dont have a wiring diagram for anything...Does anybody have any advice as to how to callibrate everything to work such as the speedometer, tach, and water temp guage. I also noticed that there is no O2 sensor because headers were installed...but i dont know where the wires are for O2 sensor licked back to the control unit...The engine is running very rich and i think it is because the lack of the O2 sensor. If anyone has any info on how to find info on this stuff it would be much apprieciated...Im glad to become a member of this "Z" family =) !!!!

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There were no 02 sensors on Z's until possibly the 84 300Zx. None of the inline sixes had them as far as I know. You didn't say but I am assuming you have the fuel injection on the car that came with the later engine? If you do it will be a little more difficult to change the air/fuel ratio than if it has carbs installed, but it can be done. It will be much simpler if you have carbs.

The best thing to do is to get a Factory Service Manual that corresponds to your engine, it will give you the most info as far as what checks to do to work on the Fuel Injection.

The only calibration for the gauges that may need to be done would be the speedometer. If it has a 5 speed from a later car, all you have to do is find out which rear diff ratio is in the car and use the appropriate speedometer drive gear in the transmission. They are all calibrated to a specific rear end ratio. You can find a list in the tech articles here.

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Following on from 2Many there were no o2 sensors in 240 or 260Z's. Yes I too assume you are talking Fuel Injection. If you want to fix that problem slap a set of 240Z carbs on it and if I'm correct that engine if it is out of a 280ZX will have an Electronic Distributor on it. This is an absolute must for Zeds. The increased spark off the Electronic Distributor does absolute wonders at all Revs. Check your head no and this should tell you what car this engine came out of. It could be anything from a Early Petrol Patrol to an 280C or a 280ZX. With this info you will be able to put on what is best for you package. Good luck!

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