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Friendly reminder-Check your bumpers!


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Today I decided to remove my rear bumper, just to do it-no other reason. I knew that there was some rust in there, and I figured I could clean it out real quick and spray it with rattlecan preventer, just to hold it over until I decide a couple things (bodykit or original...), but low and behold, it was worse than I imagined.

The thing with bumpers is that you can't really see what is going on in the depths of the thing; so if you haven't pulled off your bumpers in a while, I would suggest doing so-perhaps you can stop the rustmonster before it gets like this.

But it is more than a matter of rust, folks. You hope to never be in an accident, but should it happen, you expect your bumpers to protect the car (and you) to some extent. Seeing my bumpers for what they are (rust), I know they would not have been much protection.

So Please get under there and check, before it's too late.








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I agree with =Emigma=. Must be a high salt content in the air where you live or somewhere where that car has been. I took mine apart while my car was being painted, and they didn't look as bad as those. I lightly wire brushed the inside and painted it with a couple of coats of silver Rustoleum. That was almost ten years ago and they still looked good last year when I removed them.

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Do they salt the roads where you live or do you just like driving on the beach? LOL Man that's nasty.

It snowed a whopping 1/4" last night. The NCDOT decided to go ahead and salt the roads as they normally would, and here are some photos of the residue I accrued after driving 3.5 miles home. A heavy washing is in order as soon as we top freezing.





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