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Hello Z community

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Hi all, just became the owner of a 72 240Z. I'm the second owner, car has

67K on the original L24 engine. Just wanted to say hi!!! I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions, please bare with my noobness...I'm completely new to the

S30 world...any carbureted car to be honest...I also own a soon to be

Stage V Z32 (need to pull the engine to install my brand new turbo’s for Z1)

Anyhow, here are some pics of the 240. Car has "racing" cams (Owner didn’t remember their exact specifications/model, and I have no idea what type of cams are even available for this car...you can def. tell it's camed though LOL) It also has a 3 to 2 to 1 header kit, and straight through exhaust. It has gold Enkei wheels, no idea what model with semi slick tires.








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Welcome to the site. I have a '72 also, and was a complete noob but 2 years ago. I've learned a ton about the car in the time I've spent here (but i'm still a noob i think). The search function is great here, I suggest you jump in and start reading.

Theres a wealth of knowledge here, and theres still good books out there like the Factory Service Manual and 'how to restore your z car' etc. Post all your pics to your gallery and keep everyone updated with your plans/progress.


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Thank you very much for the welcome guys!!! My plans are to eventually drop a L28T engine in the car and reach about 370WHP (I think that's more than plenty for the car :geek: ). I'm located in Nebraska btw, and thank you Arne for the wheel info.

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Welcome to the club.

There is a wealth of knowledge here. If this is your first time with a Carburated car, you are going to find it a different experience. Now you must do what the computer has been doing for you . LOL Especially when starting and driving with a cold engine . I installed a ZX engine in my 240 and kept the SUs. I like the simplicity of the system and for a street only car, the performance is as good . Again welcome . Gary

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