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An early one on Ebay


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That makes two of us. The vin on that one is low to mid 5000's and under 3000 older that mine (HLS30-08077) and I bought mine for $2800 four years ago. My Z is now 37 years old and in GREAT shape, especially after I'm done with this damn paint job. If I had to total the rust in my car, it would be at less than 1%.

Does any body, who is reading this, and knows all the work done to my car, have a clue what it's worth now a days?

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I could have sworn the number stamped in the firewall was HLS30-08285? I noticed that mine is only 38 units behind that one.

Ebay car: HLS30-08285

Mine: HLS30-08323

The engine number is 8285, but the VIN is 5772.


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