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#387 for sale


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Looks like it's at $6,100.00 with 20 bids and a little over 2 days left at the time of this post. I wonder what the reserve is on this car. Even though this '69 production 240 has some modifications, it is a diamond in the rough. Obviously, this car has the potential to be worth a bundle of money someday, with its mostly solid body and original matching number engine, etc. Any guesses on what it will go for, assuming it meets the reserve?


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This repaint could be a real bondo wagon... I wouldn't consider buying it without a personal and very close inspection... yes it's a 69 production car - but seems to be missing the Door Jam Data Plate that was stamped with the production date...

Past that - as has been mentioned before - you are looking at putting an additional $30K into a reasonable #2 restoration - or $40K+ into a #1 restoration.... This car would need most everything... it has the wrong dash, center console and steering wheel... about the only thing good on the interior might be the seats..

In Texas it's a $2,500.00.... are you willing to pay an additional $4K just for the VIN?... I'd rather find a 69 that has most, if not all of it's original parts - and which still has most of it's original paint so I could better see what I am getting into...

Looks nice in a 15 foot beauty shot - and might be worth $6K as a driver to someone... but even then it will need an additional $6K spent to make it road worthy... the engine compartment is a real mess... Wonder what this puppy looks like underneath - note the seller is talking about "visible" rust area's - he says nothing about anything you can't see standing up...

I might be a buyer at $3,500.00... just for the VIN...


Carl B.

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