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drugs,its the only explanation...


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Have a look!


$1800 for a rusty parts car that has been sitting twice for three years for and a few restoration parts

I wonder how much of the "lots of" rust has eaten at the structural integrity of the car. I am sure nothing special was done to restart the car after sitting-either time. The ad does say the carbs need to be tuned again-if ZTherapy did them recently, mileage-wise, and then they were let sit for three years they probably need to be dissassembled and cleaned, not tuned. Three year old gas in new carbs, new fuel lines, and an old gas tank that sat for three years earlier.... I bet some of what she paid to have done and expects to get back from the sale will have to be done again, and probably have more done to boot.

That auction would be very lucky to draw the total she has listed in parts alone. $2,200 (bare auction price plus new tires) would buy a much better Z, or a great many more needed parts.


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Well reading the advert all the way through, it become clear that the starting price is how much all the new parts that are included in the auction cost her.

So the auction is actually for $1800 worth of parts, and you get a free rust bucket to carry them all home in :)

If you total the new evidently uninstalled parts listed, they don't come to $900! The installed parts are now used, and after three years outside, some of them will probably need replacing.

Then you have to add the cost of going to get the car with a trailer-don't use tow dolly or bar wth old tires!

I wonder about storm damage to the car-one of the "laid up times" was in the era of Katrina...


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At least this seller is up front and not delusional about the state of the car! He even goes as far as taking photos of the actual areas where rust is prevalent. So I have to give him kudos for that. It could be an ok parts car, but it's a lot to deal with.

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Interesting thread, considering that I'm trying to sell my yellow 240Z right now. As others have mentioned, at least the seller is being honest and realistic about the car's condition.

As for pricing - it appears to me that the seller has not yet learned that you can't sell a car for what you have in it. I've played with cars long enough to know that it just can't be done, not if you're buying good parts. Right now I've got almost $4000 into the yellow car, over $1500 of that in brand new good parts (with receipts). It runs and drives, and is ready for someone who can cut out the rust (MUCH less rust than the car in the auction) and paint it. And is it worth $4000? Not even close. I'm asking $3000, but will probably end up letting it go for $2500 or even less.

Short version - a project car's worth is not directly related to the sum of its parts.

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