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Steering Racks


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Has anyone purchased a reman steering rack for a 240 lately and if so can you describe your experience (include the name of the company and any issues or insights)?

I can get the inner and outer tie rods for just under $300. or get a whole reman rack for the same price. If the racks are junk then I'm wasting time and money.

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John, I've never used one on a Z, but I have used (and sold and installed) racks rebuilt and sold by TRW in the past. I had one in a '67 MGB (non-power rack very similar to a 240Z rack) that was fine until the car was in an accident, which bent it. I replaced it with another TRW rebuilt which was also fine. The TRW racks did not come with outer tie rod ends, but did have new inners and boots.

But my experiences with these racks was over 10 years ago, and I'm not certain that TRW still does reman racks anymore.

Have you seen the tech article about rack rebuilding on ZHome.com?


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There are two major companies that perform reman for power steering units here in the US (Cardone & ATSCO). Both have documented quality systems that are registered to ISO 9000. however, that doesn't mean you won't get a bad rack from either. The typical process involves disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reassembly, testing and painting. ALL consumable items are replaced.

Both these companies sell to AutoZone, Checker, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc. as well as a number of distribution outlets.

I'm not saying you can't rebuild your rack but consider buying one thats been reman'd. It's not that hard but does require the right equipment and getting a complete/correct seal kit might be a challenge. It will also come with the tierods. It's less likely you'll get a bad manual rack rather than a power rack which is much more involving.

Good luck with your efforts.


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