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    '81 280ZXT (previous), '70 240Z (#5657) w/ N42 block, E31 head, R200 Rear end, Tokico 5 ways with Tokico springs, Poly Bushings, and 5spd (current)

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  1. I bought an S2000 early this year. I am 6'-4" and I fit pretty well. There is a mod for getting about 1-2" of headroom. I was considering some of the cars on your list as as well. I sat in the RX-8 and recall it being pretty tight. I guess the best advice is to just drive them and take notes and buy the one you like the best.
  2. Anyone see Jeremy wearing the Datsun Z car shirt on Top Gear? I thought it was pretty cool (that he was representing Z cars more so than the shirt). Zack
  3. I hope to be there next year, but somehow I think I may not make it again. It's too bad since I don't live that far away (kind of). Have fun.
  4. Beaverton is actually an American Indian word meaning 'yellow Z car'.
  5. You probably need to remove your valve cover and make sure get the mechanical time at top-dead-center. Once you know that, the mark should be easy to see and you can make it more visible by filing or marking it. To be sure you are at TDC you can remove the #1 spark plug and see that the piston is at the top of it's travel (or you can stick a wire tie in there to feel it). When you are at top-dead-center the dizzy rotor should be pointed toward the front of the car. Your correct timing mark should not be easy to find. I think it takes a 27mm or 1 1/8" socket to turn the engine crank. When you check the timing, you need to have the engine warmed up and remove the vac advance (or just pinch it off. Ha...pinch it off) Good luck.
  6. I'd go with the far right.
  7. Yeah, you can get some from www.blackdragonauto.com. They have most sizes. Just make sure you order the correct ones (dished or not dished).
  8. I had the exact same problem with mine. I can't remember how far I could adjust it somewhere around 0BTDC or maybe 5BTDC. No matter what I did I could not properly adjust the timing. I'm wondering if I put the oil pump/distributor drive gear on backwards. Whatever was/is wrong my car runs great. I just dropped the oil pump and turned the distributor until the rotor lined up with one of the "points" and moved my #1 plug wire to that point and the other wires around as necessary. Again, I don't suggest this, but good luck. P.S. I think I made the first post of the new year!
  9. This has nothing to do with the timing chain since the distributor is driven directly from the crank.
  10. Bruce, I think I bid on the car in your avatar on ebay. If it's the same one, how did it turn out?
  11. If the tensioner did come out you should have heard a 'pop' sound when you first pulled the sprocket. If it is the tensioner, I would expect that you will have to take off the timing cover. Good luck. PS This has happened to me too and I wasted my time trying to 'realign' the tensioner. Once it's out, it will be extremely difficult to get back in.
  12. My, my. Hey, Hey. Thanks for the info. By the way, it's better to burn out than it is to rust.
  13. In this zhome article http://zhome.com/History/DesignChanges.htm The lowest VIN titles as a '71 is claimed to be 006072. Well, I have 005657 and it's titled as a '71. Not that it adds much to the discussion, but hey, I have the lowest VIN '71 240 (at least until someone comes around with a lower one).
  14. Bonzi, Are you saying you have one for sale?
  15. P.P.S. I was in the second group, but the first group had already finished (about 30 cars) and most likely that time wasn't beaten by much.
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